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This form collects information about prospective new members and their Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor that will allow the best possible choice of a membership helper to contact them.

Information uses disclosure:

The information provided on this form will not be retained beyond its use for the purpose of assisting the submitter with membership in the Tennessee SAR and will not be provided to anyone outside of the SAR.

Providing Membership Inquiry Information

Type the information requested into the fields below. You may use the "tab" key to advance to the next block.

 Your Information
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 Your Ancestor Information (please fill in as completely as possible)
Do you have a relative (parent, grand-parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.) who is/was a member of the SAR or DAR? Yes No
    If yes, enter:
        The SAR/DAR's Relationship:    
        The SAR/DAR's Name:    
        SAR/DAR's National #:     if known.

Do you know you have an ancestor who participated in the Revolution? Yes No
    If yes, enter his/her name:    
    Service to the Revolution:
      Rank or Title:
      State of Service

Do you have a detailed family history listing the dates and places of many births, marriages, and deaths, with references to where the information was obtained? Yes No

Submitting the Form

Now you may click on either the "Submit" button below to submit the data to TN SAR Membership Committee
or the "Clear Form" to start over again.
Note: If you do not see two buttons marked "Submit" and "Clear Form" immediately below this note,
then you cannot use this response form. This is usually caused by security settings that block the functions.
Please request information on membership by emailing the TN SAR Membership Secretary.


Thank you. This information will help us decide which helper can best assist you in developing the information required for an SAR application.

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