Governor Archibald Roane Chapter
Tennessee SAR

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Governor Archibald Roane Chapter, Nashville, TN
Chapter E-Mail

                                                            Sen. Mark Norris, President
                                                            Sen. Bill Ketron, Vice President
                                                            Sen. Todd Gardenhire, Secretary/Historian
Ronnie Townes, Registrar/Genealogist
Representative Kevin Brooks, Chaplain

The photo above is the chartering of Tennessee SAR’s newest chapter, the Governor Archibald Roane SAR Chapter.  The chapter was approved at the Fall BOG on October 11, 2014. The chapter is unique, in that it exists as leaders dedicated to working with our state legislature, many of whom are SAR members, to further the preservation of American history studies in our schools and throughout the state.
The chapter is also unique in that it is made up entirely of dual members. Each member of the Governor Archibald Roane SAR Chapter will also belong to an existing Tennessee SAR chapter. The Honorable Tennessee Senator Mark Norris will serve as the first president of the new chapter.  As a dual member-only chapter, the Governor Archibald Roane SAR Chapter will not collect dues and is open for any Tennessee SAR member in good standing to join.

Chapter members attended the Charter luncheon, hosted by Senator Mark Norris on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, in the esteemed Nashville City Club Library.  After presentation of the Roane Chapter Charter by Tennessee SAR President David Johnston, members established chapter by-laws and elected officers for 2017-18.  The charter meeting was supported by four past-Tennessee SAR presidents: Rick Hollis, John McCutchen, Colin Wakefield, and David Eagan as well as current president, David Johnston.