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    Below are SAMPLE TEMPLATES for use by any SAR member who wishes to produce a memorial marker to designate a Patriot’s grave.  Over the past several months, Compatriots have called and written to make suggestions about what they would like to see on a 6” x 6” granite grave marker.  Included are SAMPLE TEMPLATES in response to these suggestions:

·         Generic Patriot marker

·         SAR marker

·         SAR Member marker

·         State Society marker

·         Patriot Service marker indicating state of the Patriot’s service

    We hope you will share these SAMPLE TEMPLATES with your chapter presidents and anyone else who is interested in our MISSION.  Rather than having markers produced at a central location and shipped to destinations around the country, we believe that members will have success working with their local monument companies to have the marker design of their choice produced locally.  This will be much less expensive and many times will result as a very low and perhaps “no cost” option for Compatriots who are working hard to fulfill our MISSION of marking Patriot graves. 

   Now that these SAMPLE TEMPLATES are available to all SAR members, the Tennessee Society SAR will no longer produce granite grave markers.

Grave Marker Template Samples - Click to Enlarge
Print as "actual size" option to maintain 5" x 5" image.


The SAR logo is a registered mark of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  Use of the registered mark(s) without the written permission of the NSSAR is not permitted.  Requests for use can be submitted to the Executive Director via email at  The address for US Mail is 1000 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40203.  The fax number is (502) 589-1671
Generic Marker SAR Marker SAR Member Marker
State Society Marker - TN State Society Marker - SC Patriotic Service Marker - CT
Patriotic Service Marker - DE Patriotic Service Marker - GA Patriotic Service Marker - MA
Patriotic Service Marker - MD Patriotic Service Marker - NC Patriotic Service Marker - NH
Patriotic Service Marker - NY Patriotic Service Marker - PA Patriotic Service Marker - PA
Patriotic Service Marker - SC Patriotic Service Marker - VT Patriotic Service Marker - VA
  SAR Approved 2007 (4x6)  

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