In Remembrance

The follwing is a list of fallen Compatriots that were members of the Tennessee SAR.  The Tennessee SAR State Chaplain asks that Chapters use this Death Notification Form, which will be attached to each Compatriot listed below.

Joseph Jackson, 9/16/2011

James Thompson, 8/18/2012

Bill Eubank, III, 01/12/2014

James Carl Parker, 2/12/2017

James Richard Freeman, 04/11/2017

James Orville Edmondson, 09/07/2017

Sam Wescoat McKinstry Ph.D.,  11/26/2017

John "Jay" West,  03/01/2017

John Thomas Cook,  2/15/2018

Fred Wetzel, 9/29/2012

Kenneth C. Martin, 4/05/2014

Harry W. Boyd, 02/24/2017

David Miles Vaughn, 06/23/2017

Rev. Dr. John Warren Steen, Jr., 09/03/2017

Thorton "Ted" Davis, II, 09/ 20/2017

Ronald D.  Moore, 12/14/2017

John Franklin Ellis,  2/05/2018