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Welcome to the Tennessee SAR Website. The Tennessee SAR, Sons of the American Revolution, currently has 21 Chapters and over 1,200 members. Our Society supports and works closely with the Children of the American Revolution and The Daughters of the American Revolution promoting American Heritage. Our Youth programs; the Eagle Scout, JROTC, Knight Essay, Rumbaugh Orations and the C.A.R. Essay contests, are outstanding programs, and we suggest you contact our local Chapters for complete details.

Yours in Patriotic Service,
David Lee Eagan
Tennessee SAR

From the desk of TN SAR State President David Lee Eagan
April 2016

Tennessee SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Temmessee SAR President David Lee Eagan

 April 2, 2016

TN SAR Acceptance Speech

Good evening

I would like to thank everyone for their confidence in my ability to serve as President of the TN SAR. There are many exciting opportunities available over the next several months.

The key event will be the National SAR Congress that will take place in Knoxville, TN in July 2017. At the time of the Congress, Rick Hollis SAR Foundation Board member and Chair NSSAR Congress Host Society Planning Committee along with President Elect David Johnston, who will be your President will be fully involved in preparing for the event. What can we do to make this the best Congress ever? Let's all be willing to contribute our time and talents when called upon.

Let us show our compatriots what it means to be a Tennessee Volunteer! Together we will make this a congress to remember.

We also need to be in an all out effort to grow our state membership and strive to retain our current members. To keep our members, we need to get them involved as soon as they become members. It might be a good idea to hold an orientation meeting for your new members to explain the different ways they could become involved. Such as Color Guard, Service to Veterans, Flag Committee, JROTC, Eagle Scout, Essay and Poster Contest, Patriot Grave Marking and most important is assisting new member applicants.

Each member is capable of being a recruiter and I now challenge every member in the SAR TN to help at least one new person to become a member in 2016. Not everyone is has to work an application, but all are capable of finding a candidate and helping them secure membership. Not every new member will be more than a certificate member, and we need them also, but we should present them with the opportunity to be active.

Wear your membership rosette on you coats and your membership medals to your meetings. This is a way to advertise the SAR and many times I have had curious people ask questions about what is in my lapel. This may enable you to engage in a conversation that might lead to a new member.

It is very important that we continue to grow the membership and strengthen our state society. Our current growth is anemic and barely offsetting our dropped members due to non-payment of dues, transfers and death.

We always admire the DAR and how committed they are to their society. They are about five times our size in membership and have great public awareness. We envy their Ancestor and Membership data base and how it is a great tool for aiding new member prospects. I know we use their information and purchase their Record Copies to aid new members to join the SAR. Their members are active and willing to assist when needed. Their membership may have already reached one million before this meeting. I believe we are capable of growing our membership and accomplishing great things.

I know that every member is not present tonight, but I request that each of you spread the challenge to the chapters and their individual members so that we too may reach such lofty goals.

Just a month ago I had a friend mention that he knew very little of his family. His mother died when he was two and his father when he was ten. and he was raised by his step mother. He had just been forced into early retirement after being an employee for forty two years. I ask him to give me the information he had, which included his mother, father and brother's name. I started on the research just as I would on any SAR application. At the end of my first weekend of research, I discovered that his family went back prior to the Revolution and his 4th Great Grandfather was a soldier from North Carolina and also a Privateer for the Revolution. I also, now found that his Patriot was one of the early settlers of Antioch, TN in Davidson Co., TN. He has now been to the cemetery where he has found over four generations of his family.

He has told many of his friends and family and is especially fond of telling his grand children that they came from a Pirate.

LET US be united in our efforts to further the goals of the SAR . We must work together with a spirit of cooperation and committed effort to achieve our objectives.

We must not forget that we are a Historical, Patriotic, Educational and Genealogical society of gentlemen. Our goal is to honor our Patriot ancestors and help educate others about their sacrifices in establishing the United States of America, the greatest nation. Not a single one of us participated in the American Revolution and the only reason we exist as a society is to honor these brave men and women who sacrificed greatly and some gave everything including their lives.

Let us accept the challenge and humbly go and spread the word about our society and the brave Patriots that we honor.

I will welcome your calls and suggestions. I don't have all the answers BUT WITH YOUR HELP we will succeed.


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