Stones River Chapter
Tennessee SAR

Serving Mufreesboro and the Rutherford County Area

District 4

Stones River Chapter, Murfreesboro, TN
Chapter E-Mail

Chapter Officers

President: Col. Tom L Hickerson

 Registrar:   Jim Sandman

Chaplain:  Jim Sandman

Secretary/Treasurer: Harlan Dabney

Webmaster: Harlan Dabney

The Stones River Chapter is located in central Tennessee in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co. and near the cities/towns of Smyrna, Woodbury, Lasscassas, and Smithville.

The Stones River Chapter received a Charter on the 8th day of November in the year 1968. The 23 Charter Members were: Walter H. King; G. S. Dismukes, Jr.; Lawson B. Nelson; George B. Huddleston; William T. Walkup; Robert W. Baskin, Sr.; Richard E. Estes; George A. Kinnard; William L. Patterson; Steve Cates; Joe H. Collier; John E. Weems; James B. Haynes; Avent Dismukes; Newton D. King; Walter H. King, Jr.; Ben H. McFarlin; Ben H. McFarlin, Jr.; G. S. Ridley; Henry G. Wray; John B. Woodfin; W. E. Hodges; William C. Ledbetter, Jr.

At the community level the Chapter began by publishing a Ca. 1878 Rutherford County Map in 1970. This was followed by a massive effort, in conjunction with the Rutherford County Historical Society, to publish The Rutherford County Cemetery Index (3 vols.) in 1975. In 1978 the Lytle family presented the Chapter with the deed to the Capt. William Lytle Cemetery in Murfreesboro. Capt. Lytle was a Revolutionary War soldier as well as the founder and benefactor of the city of Murfreesboro. The Chapter, in addition to maintaining the Cemetery, erected an ornamental iron entry arch and gateposts in 1984 and later enclosed the Cemetery with an attractive and durable fence.

For the past several years this Chapter has been very active in its support for the Douglas G. High Oration Contest at every level from the local chapter to the National Contest. Much of the enthusiasm must be credited to Compatriot Dr. North E. West. Through the efforts of Dr. West every chapter in the State Society has become more aware of the contest and of its significance.