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  The CAR Essay Contest
of the
The Tennessee Society
Sons of the American Revolution


Motto: "Libertas et Patria."

The implicit mission of the SAR/CAR is the sharing of the ideals and values of those valiant men
and women who gave us "AMERICA" with our fellow citizens and most particularly, with the next
generation. We in SAR and DAR need to find ways to strengthen our natural bond with our young
CAR Compatriots. To that end, we have established a program to encourage these young people to explore our shared heritage of liberty, through the lens of their own Patriot Ancestors’ involvement in that epic struggle to give us "AMERICA". That gift to us has perhaps never been in greater jeopardy than it is today.

The idea is for our TSSAR chapters to sponsor an Essay Contest among the members of the Tennessee CAR Society (or Societies) in their vicinity and then hold a competition between the various chapter winners at the state level. The entries, ranging from six year old’s block lettering on their
lined tablets to fairly polished papers from older children, leave no doubt that the future of this great county is in good hands. But they need our encouragement and to know that we take pride in their devotion to our shared ideals.

For contact information about the Tennessee State Society CAR Essay Contest contact the TNSSAR CAR Eassay Contest Committee Chairman William Hickerson, 731-217-0782, or E-Mail


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