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  The Joseph S. Rumbaugh
Oration Contest
of the
Tennessee SAR
Sons of the American Revolution


Motto: "Libertas et Patria."

The Tennessee SAR participates in the National Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration Contest

The preliminary rounds of the contest are held by Chapters of the Tennessee SAR - Sons of the American Revolution to select one winner from each participating Chapter area to enter the State competition. Prizes may be awarded to winners of Chapter competitions. The Tennessee SAR competition between State Chapter winners is held during the TN SAR's Annual meeting in March.

Competition is conducted under the National Rules of the Rumbaugh Oration Contest

For further information about the Tennessee State Society contest, do one of the following:

  1. Contact the local, or nearest Chapter/District
  2. Contact the TNS AR Rumbaugh Orations Committee Chairman Charles N. Dammann,
    (423) 842-2826 or for help with making local contact.
  3. All chapter oration candidates should be submitted to Charles Dammann by March 1, 2017.

           History of The Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration Contest at the National level.
In honor of a Florida SAR member, this Oratorical event was renamed the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration Contest. For many years this Compatriot has shown an active interest in the welfare of youth and has been a creative promoter of this contest. The contest is designed to explore the influence of the Revolutionary war on present day America. In 1945 an Ohio SAR member, Douglass G. High, originated this creative exercise in a Cincinnati Senior High. Two years later the NSSAR assumed National sponsorship. Douglass G. High passed away in 1952. In 1953 the National Society attached his name to the contest title as a memorial. He was the first Chairman on the NSSAR Oration Committee, serving in this capacity for five years.

Purpose Of The National Contest:

  • To bring American History to the high school student and focus on events of today.
  • To draw an intelligent relationship between the past and the present.
  • To clearly demonstrate freedom of opportunity as a basic right of our national heritage.
  • To place a positive emphasis on the plans of our founding fathers.
  • To emphasize justice under law in the free society.
  • To illustrate how the Revolutionary War influenced our freedom of expression which originated in the famous, 1735 trial of the Colonial New York printer, John Peter Zenger.

The National Society competition between State Society winners is held during the NSSAR's National Congress in late June/July.



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